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Volunteer Form for May 19- 31 in D.C (we NEED You!)

FAQ's for Volunteers at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Please sign up for a 4 hour or overnight shift. We will pair you with at least one other person.
Call ROGER EHRLICH at 919-696-5995, or email
Or fill out the volunteer sheet:


There are a few main tasks that volunteers are responsible for when working a shift


We now have many signs that describe the project and how it came into being. Take a quick look at the signs and as questions arise, you can direct them to the appropriate one or answer youself.

We also have a limited number of brochures - if someone is really interested, feel free to give them a brochure that describes the project.

Also direct them to the website, facebook page and instagram sites for more information.


We have cans for people to create their own inscriptions. We would like them to create a plaque that reflects a personal connection to families or friends that were effected by war.


If someone feels inspired to give, please collect any donations in the designated location. If they are willing to share their name and email, we can follow up with a thank you.


Often folks want to share their stories. Their father’s experiences and the effect it had on their family. Their family members experience in Iraq or Afghanistan. The loss they have experienced. Their own experiences in the military. Please listen. They are often sharing very personal experiences that are difficult for them to discuss. We try not to judge, and just help to heal by listening and hope that in itself helps the healing process.


The location of the belltower is just south of the Lincoln Memorial.
Enter 3 Daniel French Dr. Washington DC to get directions from a GPS or phone.


Drivers are not supposed to take a right turn off of Independence Avenue to get to Daniel French drive unless they have a handicapped sticker according to the posted signs, but people doing so has not been a problem for our permitted event.  (GOOGLE does not direct you that way because it is posted as handicapped only)

You can be dropped just at the 23rd or Daniel French Dr. We are right there.

Go around the small circle nearby between Independence Avenue and Ohio Drive when leaving on Daniel French Drive which is one way, in order to head back east on Independence or Ohio if one doesn't want to go over Memorial Bridge where there is another opportunity to circle back.


The BLUE line will bring you to Arlington Cemetery, just over the Arlington Memorial Bridge. There is a sidewalk that you can use to walk across the bridge to the site of the belltower. (about 20 minutes walk).

Alternate Lines:
The BLUE, and ORANGE lines to FOGGY BOTTOM - GMU are a 20 minute walk away.
The SILVER line to SMITHSONIAN STATION is about a 20 minute walk away.

$1 Shuttle Bus from Union Station and Metro stops

The DC Circulator bus has a new route around the national mall - the National Mall Route. There is a stop at the Lincoln Memorial 100' from the bell tower. It runs every 10 minutes. Weekdays 7am – 8pm; Weekends 9am – 8pm. Fare is $1.


Night and evening shifts: from 6 pm to 1 am on Ohio Drive.
There is on-street parking other areas as well - but pay attention to the signs during the work days especially.

There are onsite resources to help you find a parking garage - Parking Panda is helpful: