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A Memorial for Veterans

Asheville, NC - July 21, 2014

Veterans for Peace National Convention Kick Off

Our first event, Memorial Day, 2014, was covered widely by the media.

Veterans/Armistice Day Coverage 2014

Veterans Day, Armistice Day Centennial, and Sam's Ride For Peace

WRAL TV - Armistice/Veteran's Day 2014 Coverage

Co-Creator Roger Ehrlich talks at Belltower on Nov 11, 2014 about inspiration for tower in this video from Randy Bryant of Raleigh Downtowner Magazine.

Peace Of Art by Randy Bryant
Good Night, Raleigh!PEACE OF ART -- The Swords to Plowshares Bell Tower has attracted a lot of attention and interest since its early arrival before Veteran's Day today at the North Carolina State Capitol grounds. This 24 foot tall touring tower is covered with silver wind-blown 'bricks' made from recycled cans. Cary Artist, Roger Eherlich explains candidly why he and Garner, NC artist Joe McTaggart collaborated on the Bell Tower of Peace in this telling video. public is invited to come by. The tower's last day at our Capitol Grounds is tomorrow, Wednesday!Wherever The Swords to Plowshares Bell Tower appears, visitors ring the bell in memorial, share stories, and inscribe the aluminum with personal remembrances of how people have suffered on all sides of war.Send a message to: to find out how you can help this public history project grow and bring it to a city near you!Learn more: to Plowshares Bell Tower in the News & Observer! is the city, Raleigh, North Carolina. I live here. I carry a camera.Video by #RandyBryant 2014
Posted by Triangle Downtowner Magazine on Tuesday, November 11, 2014